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P type 太陽能電池製造流程

Efficiency of PV cells are controlled by

  • Substrate material quality and grade - Raw Material, Impurites
  • Etching of saw marks and improving the texturizing of Cell surface 
  • A high Quality POCl3 film 
  • A high Quality PN junction based on Emitter depth and control 
  • Repeatable control of POCl3 (n type layer) to achieve Junction depth and resistivity
  • A high quality repeatable ARC using LPCVD Nitride.
  • Screen Printing 
  • High Quality Al/Ag grade Paste
  • Al/Ag paste annealing

Thermco Process Solutions for PV manufacturing

  • Surface Difussion N-Type : Deposition of Phosphorous Glass onto the wafer using POCl3. Emitter Drive to achieve the required Junction depth.
  • Surface Difusion P-Type: Deposition of Boron Glass on to the wafer using BBr3 or B2H6 
  • Rear Suface P-Type: Highly doped with P-Type material to increase cell efficiency 
  • AR Coatings: The deposition of an Anti Reflective coating using LPCVD Nitride to maximise the absorption of Light 
  • Aluminium / Silver Sintering: N2 or H2 Anneal 
  • Groove Difusion: using an Atmospheric POCL3 Process to provide the n type film

BBr3 - P Type Doping


  • Used for P-Doping of N-Type bulk silicon material. This is surface doping to create P-N Junction
  •  Heavily doped rear doping to create a back side surface field, thus increasing efficiency
  •    Unique process only to Thermco





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